Goodwill People Please for Cuban Antiterrorist’s Return Home


Washington, May 10 (Prensa Latina) For goodwill people who know the injustice against the Cuban anti-terrorist fighters unjustly held in the United States is of great joy that Rene Gonzalez permanently stays in Cuba, said Andres Gomez, director of Areito magazine website

In an article released yesterday, the Cuban journalist resident in Miami, said that on Friday, May 3, Judge Joan Lenard, of the Southern District Court of Florida, accepted to modify the terms of supervised release for three years by Gonzalez, who was released from prison in October 2011 after completing his sentence, but had to remain in this country.

Gomez recalled that on April 3, Rene Gonzalez filed a request by his lawyer Philip Horowitz to Judge Lenard to travel to Cuba for two weeks, to attend a memorial service for his father, Candido Rene Gonzalez, who died in Havana on April 2. Later, “on April 29, during a visit to his family in Cuba, Rene filed through the court by his legal representative a supplementary petition to his motion to modify the terms of supervised release, in exchange for his formal resignation to U.S. citizenship,” the text states.

“Rene was born in Chicago on August 13, 1956, and he is therefore a U.S. citizen by birth, also a citizen of Cuba by choice,” and his family is on the Caribbean island, Gomez said.

The Five, as Gerardo Hernandez, Ramon Labañino, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando Gonzalez, and Rene Gonzalez are internationally known, were detained on September 12, 1998 in the city of Miami, and after 17 months in solitary confinement, they were sentenced in December 2001 at a trial riddled with irregularities, according to some experts’ reports.

The mission that took them to U.S. territory was monitoring and restraining actions that with total impunity Cuban-American violent groups have planned, organized, and executed from southern Florida against the civilian population of the Caribbean country, which have left about 3,400 deaths and more than 2,000 people with disabilities over the last 50 years.

Fernando Gonzalez should release from prison in February 2014, whose initial penalty was 19 years, but after being resentenced in 2009, he was imposed 17 years and nine months.

Meanwhile, Gerardo Hernandez is serving his double life sentence plus 15 years, while Labañino and Guerrero, also resentenced, are serving a sentence of 30 years; and 21 years, 10 months, and five years of supervised release, respectively.

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