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Youth Solidarity Meeting with the Cuban Five Started in Havana

May 1, 2013

_1-youth-solidarity-meeting-with-the-cuban-five-starts-in-havana-2013-04-30 (Photo: Roberto Ruiz)

By: Jorge L. Rodríguez González and Nyliam Vázquez García

Some 150 delegates from more than 20 countries, including Cuba, met in Havana to renew the plan of action ruling the youth’s struggle across the world, while strengthening the solidarity bonds to demand the immediate release of the five Cuban antiterrorist fighters unjustly held in the United States for almost 15 years.
During the first date of the 6th International Youth Meeting of Solidarity with the Cuban Five, the participants were given an update of the unjust legal process against Gerardo Hernandez, René Gonzalez, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando Gonzalez and Ramón Labañino. They discussed the irregularities, and the physical and psychological torture these five Cuban heroes have gone through.

Maruchi Guerrero and Laura Labañino, Antonio’s sister and Ramón’s daughter respectively, shared experiences with the participants.

“This case must be seen as a cause of love for life,” said Maruchi, who added that beyond all ideological affiliations, the world must understand the Cuban Five were defending life while saving a lot of people from dying in terrorists attacks planned in the United States against Cuba.

She added the relatives of the Cuban Five feel a mixture of honour and pain, for they know they had been doing what was meant to be done, but they were condemned.

Laura Labañino spoke of her most recent visit to her father. “He is very enthusiastic and, as usual, he would encourage us all the time.”

Speaking of her stay there, she said that one of the most important things during the visit is not responding to the guards’ provocative remarks aimed at depriving my father of the visits. “My father always tells us not to fall into their trap,” she said.
Niuris Piñero, head of the legal team that represents the families of the Cuban antiterrorists, spoke of all the violations during the process against the Cuban Five and called for more carrying out of actions to mobilize the US public opinion on this matter.

“This is a political case,” said Piñero, who underscored the importance of the public opinion to spread the situation of the Cuban Five, whose only crime was trying to save thousand lives via the gathering of information on the Miami-based terrorist organizations.

The delegates also had the opportunity to share with Cuban former agents Raúl Capote and Frank Carlos Vázquez, who spoke of the need to have people who can inform of the terrorist attacks before they occur.

The Real Man
The highlight of the day was their visit to the Jose Marti Memorial, located at Havana Revolution Square, where they learned about the life and work of the Cuban Apostle Jose Marti. There, they also visited the exhibit El verdadero hombre (The Real Man), by Antonio Guerrero, devoted to Marti’s 160th anniversary.

Later on, they enjoyed music by Cuban trova singer Eduardo Sosa, who sang the Bayamesa and some Simple Verses by Marti.

Also attending the Memorial was Cuban First Secretary of the Young Communist League Yuniasky Crespo Vaquero.

Translation by ESTI

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