International Commission of Inquiry into the case of the Cuban Five


International Commission of Inquiry into the case of the Cuban (Miami) Five, London, Spring 2014

We are writing to give an update on the progress in planning the International Commission of Inquiry. Things are getting more concrete now and we hope this gives a boost to your organisational and financial input. We are honoured to let you know that Ricardo Alarcón is delighted about the initiative and fully supports it.
In what follows, we want to suggest some steps you can take to help ensure this is a successful and genuinely European initiative.
1. European wide Panel of Endorsers
At this early stage, we are inviting highly respected international figures to endorse the Commission and allow us to use their name in developing the initiative. As this Panel expands and the project takes shape, we will invite endorsers, subject to their availability, to be part of the Inquiry Commission itself. We are currently looking at the exact dates and arrangements for the Commission in London.
Excellent progress has been made as you will see from the attached updated list of endorsers. A number of the names have been added thanks to the efforts of several solidarity groups from Europe. We are very grateful for this help. However, now we need to step up this activity, as we really hope to have support from every country of Europe if possible.
Please look at the possibilities you may have in your countries to contact individuals of a similar standing as those already listed who could be potential endorsers.
To ensure there is no duplication, please advise us at, We can send invitations centrally, or we can send you a draft invitation letter that can be amended, translated as needed, personalised, and sent on directly by you.
2. Raising funds for the Commission
This initiative is very ambitious and will need around 80,000 euros to stage successfully. Amongst other costs we will be bringing around 20 international guests to London for the Commission. Meals; lotteries; cultural evenings; and appeals to individuals, trade unions and philanthropic organisations are valuable ways that considerable funds have been raised in the past. Remember the large amounts of money all solidarity groups recently raised to help with the emergencies caused by Hurricane Sandy. We all have a network of contacts who are willing to give money in solidarity with Cuba. It’s our task to make clear to them that the case of the Cuban Five is in some way an emergency too.
If you are planning a fund-raising event or an appeal for finances for the Commission, let us know so we can publicise your efforts. For further ideas contact us at,
Regular updates will be sent out as the project takes shape.
The challenges are great and so are the stakes in this fight for justice for the Five.
Libertad para los Cinco!

Rob Miller, Director, Cuba Solidarity Campaign UK
Jan Fermon, International Association of Democratic Lawyers
Katrien Demuynck, European Coordination Free the Five campaign



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