Anti-terrorist Fighter Rene Gonzalez is on a Private Visit to Cuba


Rene Gonzalez Sehwerert, one of the five anti-terrorist fighters held in the U.S. since 1998 and Hero of the Republic of Cuba, is on a private and family visit to the island, Granma newspaper reported on Friday.

On April 3, two days after the passing away of his father Candido, Gonzalez filed a request with the South Florida District Court, through his defense attorney, to be authorized to travel to Cuba in order to be with his family in these current difficult circumstances, the paper explains.

Judge Joan Lenard, who has been in charge of the case of the five Cubans since the beginning of the judicial process, adopted the request on April 12 and ordered that Gonzalez’s trip would be allowed under similar strict conditions as a previous trip approved in 2012, when he was allowed to visit his brother Roberto, who was seriously ill and passed away two months later.

Gonzalez had to hand in to US authorities the detailed itinerary of his trip, data about the place he would stay in Cuba and information about his contacts on the island.

He will also have to report on the telephone to the officer following his probation term while he is in Cuba and he must return to the United States upon the expiration of the term agreed to. In his request, Gonzalez said he would abide by the terms established for his visit.

The authorization of Gonzalez to travel to Cuba is in tune with the conditions established under his supervised freedom, which allow his travel to the island with the prior authorization by the probation official or the judge.
Granma newspaper explains that as it is well known by the Cuban people, after Gonzalez met an over-13-year and unfair prison term in September 2011, he was arbitrarily held under a three-year probation in the United States, far from his family, which lives in Cuba.

With deep respect and affection the Cuban people welcomes Rene Gonzalez and they will not spare efforts to achieve his definitive return home, along Gerardo Hernandez, Ramon Labanino, Antonio Guerrero and Fernando Gonzalez, the article concludes.

HAVANA, Cuba, April 26 (acn)

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