Deep Analysis in Cuban Worker’s Plenary


Salvador Valdes Mesa concludes his duties as secretary general of the National CTC. Carmen Rosa Lopez, second secretary, will be in charge of the tasks of the organization until the conclusion of the 20th Congress. Urge for converting this May Day into an act for the working class, the family and all the people

Deep discussion and objective analysis of the problems currently afflicting union work occupied the attention of the participants in the plenary of the National Council of the Central de Trabajadores de Cuba (CTC), which met yesterday in the capital, reported AIN.

The discussions took place with the presence of Jose Ramon Machado Ventura, Second Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and Vice President of the Council of State.

In this scenario he insisted that the union is all the member workers, not just the union secretariats.

The fight against formalism in meetings and how to achieve real and greater worker participation in the discussion of the budget of the companies were other topics covered in full.

Salvador Valdes Mesa emphasized that unionization is the first task in the political and ideological work with workers. You have to get to the man, to the person, we must convince them, persuade them, he added. We are going to defend the unions and in Cuba they will always be voluntary, conscious, unlike in some capitalist countries, he said.

He also stressed that one of the most debated topics is wages, but insisted that to achieve their growth is necessary to reduce costs and expenses, gratuities and achieve the necessary production efficiency.

He said that another important task which should be given more support is savings, “our greatest source of resources,” and it is essential to define the action plan that should exist in every workplace and that this should be controlled, in which the government and union leaders should both be involved.

He stressed that the process of preparing for the 20th Congress of the CTC is moving along favourably, and emphasized that this May Day be characterized by the mass mobilization and militancy of the working class, the family and all the people, to reaffirm support for the Revolution.

Meanwhile, Machado Ventura said that the country’s leadership is aware of the difficulties, especially in wages and product prices, and said it is working to find solutions for the short, medium and long term.

The also Hero of the Republic of Cuba said that nothing is being forgotten, but the agreements must be met. No more freebies, complacency, paternalism, we need to increase production, become more efficient, save more, and that is in our hands, he said.

He also stressed the importance of custom work and direct contact with the people.

The second secretary of the Party Central Committee reported on the conclusion of Salvador Valdes Mesa’s functions as general secretary of the CTC, due to his recent election as vice chairman of the State Council. From his new position, Valdés Mesa, as a member of the Politburo and his instructions, will give priority attention, “almost exclusively” to the CTC and its unions, Machado explained. Carmen Rosa Lopez, second secretary of the organization, will be in charge of the duties of the CTC until the 20th Congress in November this year, when the new leadership will be elected.

from juventudrebelde Translated by ESTI

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