Latest Book on the Cuban Five Launched in Havana

Libro Los últimos soldados de la Guerra Fría.-g

By: Nyliam Vázquez García

A Spanish version of Brazilian writer and journalist Fernando Morais’ latest book The Last Soldiers of the Cold War about the Cuban Five was presented Tuesday within the framework of the Third International Conference on World Balance on-going from January 28 to 30 at Havana’s International Conference Center.

Based on over 40 interviews and documents of the governments of the United States and Cuba, the book provides significant insight into the life and work of Gerardo, Rene, Antonio, Fernando and Ramon, and their unwavering resolution to not give up their revolutionary principles despite being unjustly held in US jails for almost 15 years now.

Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and Brazilian theologian and writer Frei Betto attended the book presentation that took place at Havana’s International Conference Centre, as part of the ongoing Third International Conference on World Equilibrium, which marks the 160th anniversary of the birth of Cuban National Hero Jose Marti while promoting the revolutionary ideals and the validity of Jose Marti’s visionary thinking in today’s world.

Commenting on the book, Frei Betto noted that Morais, widely known for dealing with controversial topics, succeeded in providing profound insight into the injustices being committed against Cuban Five, in a way understandable not only to those familiar with the Cuban Revolution but to everyone across the world.

Speaking at the book presentation ceremony, Cuban Parliament President Ricardo Alarcon de Quesada also commended Morais’ work, saying he is undoubtedly one of the greatest writers of our times.

Ricardo Alarcon de Quesada said Morais does not need another best-seller to establish his writing career. He dedicated, however, three years of his life to going through thousands of documents and long hours of interviewing to put this valuable reference book together.

Its more than 300 pages bring readers closer to the human life of the Cuban Five, one of its greatest assets being the fact it presents the heroes not only as antiterrorist fighters but also as flesh and blood people and family men.

During the ceremony, the author of Olga, The King of Brazil and Montenegro gave Ricardo Alarcon a bottle of Brazil’s best eau-de-vie as a token of appreciation, saying it is his wish that Cuban Five Rene returns soon to Cuba so that they can all make a toast together.

Meanwhile, Ramon’s wife Elizabeth Palmeiro thanked Fernando Morais for his human approach to the Five, and spoke highly of the originality and enjoyable way in which the book is written. She said she’s confident that this work will help break the wall of silence surrounding the case of the Five.

Internationally known as the Cuban Five, Gerardo Hernandez, Ramon Labañino, Fernando Gonzalez, Antonio Guerrero and Rene Gonzalez were arrested and given harsh sentences for monitoring anti-Cuba extremist groups in South Florida that were planning and carrying out terrorist attacks against the island.
Originally written in Portuguese, Morais’ The Last Soldiers of the Cold War recently received the Brasilia Literature Award in the category of report at the First Book and Literature Biennial held in that Brazilian city.

To conclude Cuban-born journalist residing in Miami Max Lesnik read messages sent by the Cuban Five thanking the support and the many displays of solidarity they continue receiving from every corner in the world.

Translated by ESTI

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