“The Cuban Wives” is the Film Winner at the 27th Trieste Latin-American Film Festival

“The Cuban Wives” by Alberto Antonio Dandolo has won the prestigious Malvinas Award at the 27th Trieste Latin American Film Festival.

The Malvinas Award, aimed at promoting coexistence among peoples and International Law, has been awarded by a jury composed by the Argentinean writer Juan Octavio Prenz, the Italian author and journalist Massimiliano Cocozza and Hector Sommerkamp professor at the University of Trieste, for the following reasons:

“Due to the sensitivity and attention to the issue of justice as the foundation of a better society. A moving narrative and objective on the trials of our times.”

“The Cuban Wives” will now be purchased for programming at the INCAA TV Channel, from the Institute of Argentinean Cinema, involved in the development of the Malvinas Award at the Festival of Trieste.

The director, Alberto Antonio Dandolo, welcomed by the Festival Director Rodrigo Diaz, was present at the awards ceremony on Saturday 27 October at the Teatro Miela in Trieste. He received the award by commenting “the violation of International Law has no borders, so I felt it my duty to investigate on the story of the Cuban Five arrested over 14 years in the United States’s prisons” he added,” the importance of cinema in its highest form, is to restore the dignity and memory of facts and people who would otherwise not voice.”

Special to freethefive.org

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