14 Years of Unjust Imprisonment

Dear friends:

In Cuba, our beloved homeland, more than 2 million students have just registered for school in general, polytechnic, labor and university studies.

In the latest course of Medical Sciences, which includes medicine, dentistry, psychology, nursing and medical technology, 32,171 professionals were graduated. Among them are 5,694 doctors from 59 countries of the world, a little more than the 5,315 new Cuban doctors.

Each year some 1,200 students graduate from 47 teaching centers for artistic formation.

These are just some facts about Cuban education, all of which is free.

The rate of infant mortality in the last five years in our country has remained below 5 for each 1,000 live births. In 2011 it was 4.9, the lowest in all our continent (the rate in the United States was 6.6).

The life expectancy is on a par with the levels in developed countries, and is today 77.98 years. These indicators, explains an expert, “reflect the conditions of life, health, education and other socio-economic dimensions in a country or region.”

These are just two indicators of Cuban healthcare, which is completely free.

In 2011 a record number, 2.7 million tourists, visited Cuba. 94% of them, according to a survey, would recommend to friends and family our island as a tourist destiny. 84% would return.

An official of the United Nations, for the Prevention of Crime, recently declared that Cuba is the safest country of the region, explaining that it does not have the grave situation of violence that characterizes the continent and that it has great achievements in the reduction of criminality. He also praises the achievements in sports, culture, health and the fact that it completely eradicated exclusion.

The UNICEF representative in Cuba declared that the level of adherence to the Convention on the Rights of the Child is excellent.

Our country has diplomatic relations with 190 countries. With many of them we maintain a close relationship of fraternity and cooperation, offering not what we have left over, because in reality there is nothing extra left over. Rather, we share what we have.

More than 5 million people in different countries have become literate thanks to the Cuban method, “Yes, I can.”

A Report to the United States Congress from July of this year, while largely slanderous, acknowledges that Cuba is neither a producer nor major consumer of drugs, and that the Cuban government has undertaken a set of important measures to prevent the development of a drug problem, at the same time that it has offered to cooperate and sign agreements with our neighbor to the north, to combat this scourge.

High-ranking military officials will remember that they declared in our trial that Cuba is not a military threat for the United States.

As we come to the 14th year of unjust imprisonment I examine these facts that nobody can refute. I look at the world of today which is in the middle of a difficult economic situation and of wars that could lead to the destruction of our species, and as I think of our people, so selfless, so brotherly, so noble and heroic, I ask myself:

Why does the United States blockade us?

Why does it protect and support terrorism against Cuba?

Why does it nourish a group of mercenaries who call themselves “dissidents”?

Why does it constantly distort our reality?

My first answer, and I believe it summarizes everything, is: Because they want to kill the example.

Why were we arrested, subjected to punishment, tried in Miami, sentenced to the most severe sentences, and dispersed to five prisons?

For defending that example from the vile scourge of terrorism, or rather, in order to punish that example, our people.

“A just principle, from the depths of a cave, is more powerful than an army.”

“For the honorable man it is not a sacrifice to die anonymously, serving the homeland.”

“Humanity is the homeland.”

Thus spoke the Apostle of our complete independence, José Martí

Thank you for your constant support, for your indestructible solidarity.

Five embraces.


Antonio Guerrero Rodríguez
September 9, 2012
Marianna Federal Prison

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

Today, September 12, 2012 marks 14 years of unjust imprisonment, and the struggle that we began is now much more intense, stronger and with more solidarity.

We have lived truly difficult moments, lockups in cells of hellish punishment for prolonged periods (something that, in spite of being against every human right, is becoming more common in this country), violation of our legal and constitutional rights, lies, distortions, infamies. But always the unity of everyone, human solidarity, the affection of the peoples, the love of humanity, have been our light and strength to overcome every obstacle and continue forward

If something summarizes these 14 years of political imprisonment, it is the love of everyone who has accompanied us always, of our families, friends, of all our beloved people, in every corner of the planet, from each one of you, who make us proud and inspire us each day to better, more tenacious, more optimistic despite the blows, and with that warmth in oursoul, we are convinced that we will win!

This is also the time a day to give thanks to each and every one of you, to each human being who encourages and supports us, for so much that you do every day for our cause, for Cuba. But the struggle still continues, we should be more united and stronger each time, with more solidarity, until we achieve final victory. Thank you sisters and brothers for existing and being at our side always!

Ever forward to victory!

Five fraternal embraces!

Antonio, René, Fernando, Gerardo, Ramón.

FCI Jesup, Georgia, U.S.
Sept. 12, 2012

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