For the freedom of the Cuban Five

by Andrés Gómez, director de Areítdodigital
Sept. 12, 2012

Sept. 12 marks 14 years since the U.S. government arrested the Cuban Five in Miami and began a scandalous judicial process plagued with juridical arbitrariness and abuses unparalleled in the history of this country.

This prosecution has occurred at the same time that the terrorists of the Cuban American extreme rightwing has lived in the U.S., especially here in Miami, with complete freedom and enjoying absolute impunity for the crimes that they have committed for decades against the Cuban people and others.

This past September 11 commemorated 11 years since the terrorist attacks in the cities of New York and Washington D.C. The United States has conducted two major wars in the Middle East, one in Iraq and the other in Afghanistan, the latter is ongoing and now the longest in U.S. history, with the aim of persecuting and exterminating the terrorist groups to blame for the deaths of thousands of innocent victims of that Sept. 11. Thousands of soldiers who died and those who will die, besides the thousands of others physically disabled for life, has been the cost for the United States. These two wars on the people of Iraq and Afghanistan, have killed hundreds of thousands of people and created countless suffering, the immense majority of them also innocent victims.

Why has the U.S. government carried out these two major wars so far from its territory, where its people lives, and at such a high cost, to hunt and murder terrorists, and it has not lifted a finger to arrest, prosecute and convict — by its own laws and international treaties — the terrorists who live here in Miami? According to declassified documents of the U.S. intelligence agencies, they are responsible for countless odious crimes against thousands of innocent victims in Cuba. Why did the U.S. government arrest the Cuban Five, violate its own laws, sentence them to merciless sentences, and which sadistically keeps them imprisoned, when the U.S. government has known since 1994 — four years before their arrest — that their mission in this country was infiltrating the Cuban American terrorist groups that plan and direct terrorist actions against the Cuban people and others?

Why does the U.S. government shelter the terrorist Luis Posada Carriles? If it does not deport him to Venezuela to be tried for the murder of 74 innocent victims in the explosion of the Cubana de Aviación airliner in October 1976, why does it not try him in the U.S. courts, as it is obligated to do by international treaties against terrorism, to which the U.S. government is signatory?

Why have the federal authorities not arrested, indicted and tried the Cuban American extreme rightwing terrorists who are responsible for the terrorist act last April 27 — now more than four months ago — that completely destroyed the Miami offices of Cuba-flight charter company Airline Brokers?

The U.S. government, through its U.S. attorney, in the trial against the Cuban Five here in Miami, did not even claim that the Five represented a danger for national security in this country, nor did it claim that they committed the crime of espionage against the U.S. government.

Then, why such brutality against the Five? I have said it before and I’m repeating it now. It is because, in 1998 when it arrested the Five, it decided and has maintained ever since, with imperial arrogance, that the Cuban people has no right to defend itself from U.S. policy of state terrorism that it has maintained for more than half a century against that courageous people.

Arresting and keeping the Cuban Five imprisoned all these 14 years means that the US. Government considers as legitimate and part of its vital national interests, a policy of permanent aggression for more than 50 years against the right of the Cuban people to be free. For this the policy of state terrorism is essential.

This is why the Cuban American extremist rightwing terrorists enjoy freedom and impunity in Miami, who have been the executors of this policy of U.S. state terrorism against Cuba for decades.

And this is why those of us who are organizing in more than 113 countries to demand the unconditional freedom of the Cuban Five, must remain decided to make the U.S. government, to protect its own interests before world public opinion, reject its policy of state terrorism against the Cuban people.

Then, the Cuban Five will be free and the terrorists, will go to prison, as they should.

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