US Lawyer Disappointed with Law Supporting Blockade against Cuba

US lawyer Randall C. Marshall has described as disappointing the
rejection by his country’s Supreme Court of the demand against a Florida legislation that
prohibits the use of public and private funds for academic trips to Cuba.
This is a wrong law with a distorted message for academic freedom in Florida, which now lives
a sad moment in its activity, asserted the legal representative of the American Civil
Liberties Union (ACLU), the Prensa Latina news agency reported.
The jurist considers that these regulations will restrict the use of public capital and of the
contributions traditionally made by foundations and private organizations for the work of
universities in that state, the home of the main groups planning and carrying out acts of
terrorism against Cuba.
Promoted by Republican congressman David Rivera, this instrument also prevented state
universities to carry out student trips to Sudan, Syria and Iran, countries that the State
Department has included on its list of nations sponsoring terrorism.
After considering it an unconstitutional law interfering in the foreign policy established by
the federal government, professors of several higher education centers from the southern
territory presented the demand in June, with the support of the ACLU.
In spite of the world condemnation against the blockade imposed by the US on Cuba, its effects
continue to become evident in the academic sector, which was affected in May with the denial
of visas to a dozen of Cuban intellectuals to participate in the 30th Congress of the Latin
American Studies Association (LASA) in San Francisco, California.
Such actions violate the UN Charter and the norms of International Law and have
extraterritorial nature. That’s the reason why the international community has condemned the
blockade and has demanded at the UN General Assembly, for 20 years in a row, the immediate
lifting of that siege


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