Strategy in Upgrading Cuban Economic Model Highlighted

The upgrade of the Cuban economic model has a strategic and permanent character, centered in the fostering of productive forces, said Cuban official Marino Murillo, Cuban Ministers Council vice-president Tuesday.

“We should focus ourselves in the problems affecting the real economy and create the conditions for the permanent development of our productive forces, at the same time that we give the agricultural sector a priority, since agriculture is key to substitute imports in the sphere of foods,” the Cuban official specified.

During a conference with the accredited press for the visit by Pope Benedict XVI to the island, in which he will remain until Wednesday, Murillo said that the Guidelines of the Economic and Social Policy of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC) and the Revolution will empower the development of the generating sectors for more revenues.

“In that way,” he pointed out, “areas like tourism, the nickel industry, biotechnology and medications, as well as all those freely contributing to the obtaining of convertible foreign currencies to the country, are prioritized.”

“The transformations promote new forms of property including non-state formulas, and administration mechanisms implying a bigger efficiency of the economy,” he also said.

Murillo, also president of the Permanent Commission of Implementation and Development of the Guidelines approved by the 6th Congress of the PCC, pointed that the guidelines approved in April 2011 counted on the consultation and approval of the masses.

“As much the Congress as the PCC Conference held in January 2012 represent two complementary moments, because while in the first one, it was focused in the economic aspect, the second was centered on the functioning operations of the organization,” he commented.

He ratified that under the proposed economic pattern, no Cuban citizen will be out of the adequate protection, although he emphasized that the objective is not igualitarism, but the equality of conditions and possibilities for all the people.

Also, Murillo remembered that the Guidelines recognize to the state socialist company as the main form of fundamental property, and therefore, it constitutes a challenge to make the operation of those entities efficient.

The approved guidelines are 313 in total, and they are concepts expressing the popular will, contained in the politics of the PCC, the State and the Government of the Republic to upgrade the economic pattern of the island.

The commission presided by Murillo is authorized to propose new guidelines, even the modification of the existing ones, a dynamics that in his opinion, reflects that the upgrade is permanent.

– prensalatina


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