Cuba Rejects Interfering Statements by Spanish Foreign Minister

(acn) Cuban Deputy Foreign Minister Dagoberto Rodriguez urged Spain’s Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo to provide solutions to the current serious problems faced by the Spanish society instead of interfering in Cuba’s internal affairs.

In a statement published by Granma newspaper on Tuesday, Rodriguez
referred to an interview with Garcia-Margallo that appeared in last
Sunday’s edition of El Mundo newspaper, in which the Spanish official
“used disrespectful and interfering expressions on human rights and the
state of law in Cuba.”

“We express our strongest rejection of those statements, which are a new
interference in Cuba’s internal affairs. It is not in Cuba where Franco’s
admirers are.  It is best that he looks around himself,” Rodriguez’s
statement reads.

After noting that Cuba is no longer a colony, but a sovereign and
independent country that does not accept questionings, “particularly, from
those who try to teach lessons when they really live under a glass
ceiling”, the Cuban Deputy Foreign Minister added that the Spanish
government “should more likely provide solutions to the serious problems
faced by its society such as: the economic crisis; the continued increase
in unemployment, which affects more than five million persons, mainly
youths; the police retaliation against peaceful demonstrators; the
deplorable situation in prison facilities, among other human rights

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