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New Campaign for The Five Announced at University Congress

February 18, 2012

(acn) A new campaign aimed at US President Barack Obama, called “Obama,
Give me Five!,” has just begun, with the purpose of speeding up the release of the five Cuban
antiterrorist fighters condemned in that nation.
Graciela Ramirez, coordinator of the International Committee for the Freedom of The Five,
announced this crusade in Havana, while participating in a panel designed to organize actions
favoring their release, held on Tuesday within the framework of the 7th International
University Congress under way at Havana’s Convention Center.
The campaign consists in the sending of postcards to the White House.
Higher Education Minister Miguel Diaz-Canel; Armando Hart, president of the Marti Program
Office; Brazilian religious intellectual Frei Betto; Mirtha Rodriguez, mother of Cuban hero
Antonio Guerrero and her grandson, Gabriel Guerrero; Adriana Perez, Gerardo’s wife; and
blogguers Iroel Sanchez (La pupila insomne) and Enrique Ubieta (La isla desconocida), were
among participants in the panel.
For almost three hours, participants focused on actions carried out around the planet in
the process to demand the immediate release of The Five, and joint actions were agreed for the
Iroel Sanchez highlighted the importance of social networks and of the use of new
technologies to sensitize the US people to the case. “They have to learn about this case,
because so far the silence of the mainstream media has prevented them to do so,” he stated.
Frei Betto considered that concrete political actions effectively mobilizing a large
number of people should be achieved for the cause of The Five.
“In Brazil we have worked a lot in favor of The Five. Recently, the book by Fernando
Morais entitled “The last five soldiers of the Cold War,” was published. Thanks to this book,
people who didn’t know about the case, which didn’t even support Cuba, are convinced that this
is a fair cause and that they have to join the battle for their release.”
For his part, Julian Gutierrez, coordinator if the Network of Universities in Solidarity
with The Five, called upon all Cuban and foreign university students to join the network, in
order to spread knowledge about the cause of these heroes.

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