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Ignacio Ramonet Proposes Anti Media Fifth Power

February 12, 2012

(Prensa Latina) Spanish-French journalist and professor Ignacio Ramonet proposed Friday the creation of a fifth power for the citizens in Cuba, able to question the media work of the different societies.

“Citizens should take the power of the media, if the media is not playing their natural role,” Ramonet said after receiving a Honoris Causa title in the University of Havana.

“We need a social activism which allows people to lighten up, to relieve,” said the journalist and investigator when he was expressing his apreciation for the Doctor Honoris Causa Title in Communication Sciences received from cuban Culture Minister Abel Prieto.

“Internet social networks allow us to be more active on how to get ourselves informed and construct parallel information to those given by great press groups, I think that with the new tools in the Internet, another type of information is possible” he said.

Ramonet compared the role of the press as an ideological device of globalization like the one played by the Catholic Church in the 16th Century, during the conquest of America by Spain.

The head of University of Havana Gustavo Cobreiro assured the title granted to Ramonet is because his solidarity with the transformation processes in Latin America and his intellectual links with Cuba.

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