Miami-based Cuban Journalist Denounces Threats

(Prensa Latina) Cuban journalist Miguel Fernandez, a Miami resident, reported on Thursday that he received numerous threats after publishing an article critical of the most right-wing Cuban emigrants.

According to Fernandez, after reviewing the statements of the mother of Orlando Zapata, a common prisoner who died in Cuba, on his blog La Isla Infinita, he has been the victim of intimidation “that can range from insults to violence.”

Fernandez recalled that the intolerant fanaticism of those in exile in Miami led to the murder of Luciano Nieves, on February 21, 1975 of Carlos Muniz, on April 28, 1979, in the streets of San Juan, Puerto Rico, and of activist Eulalio Jose Negrin, also in 1979.

The article does not exceed the limits of the statements made by Reina Luisa Tamayo, and many of its paragraphs quote almost textually the testimony filled with nostalgia, grief and resentment against groups and individuals who manipulated his stay in Miami, said Fernandez.

The text, published by several Cuban and international media, summarizes expressions of discontent of Tamayo, who said she felt betrayed by those who encouraged her to go to the United States, where she now makes a living cleaning houses and caring for the elderly.

Referring to the threats against him, Fernandez said he does not doubt any of those who lend themselves to this dirty work, because there is “a long history of fatalities for thinking differently from the extremist faction that tries to impose its thinking on Cuba and its people.”

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