Reply to the United States representative in UN


Mr. President:

I would like thank you for the fair and professional solution found this morning to address the voting machine malfunction.

Only the flagrant lies presented by Mr. Goddard this morning justify my taking the floor again, at this point in the debate. “You can fool some of the people, some of the time, but not all of the people, all of the time.”

The statement made this morning by the United States was a carbon copy of that made last year and in 2009. Mr. Goddard has come here to defend the policy of President Bush since 2005 and has subsequently spoken as well to defend the policy of Mr. Obama, except in 2009. One has to ask what policy he defends.

I have here, Mr. President, a facsimile from the Daytona Beach Morning Journal, May 16, 1972, which announces that Mr. Ronald D. Goddard, director of the Miami Office, has been reassigned to Washington. Mr. Goddard, in addition to working for the Peace Corps and completing missions of some interest, about which little information is offered, in Ecuador, Nicaragua, Panama, Costa Rica, Chile, Turkey and Central America, worked from1969 to 1972 as head of the Coordinator of Cuban Affairs office in Miami.

Another official declassified document states, as point number six, that the Coordinator will assume responsibility for both covert operations as well as legal operations.

Nevertheless, I agree with him in that the blockade is but one aspect of U.S. policy toward Cuba. He well knows, surely, that the other principal focus is internal subversion, the deployment of agents in the service of the United States within our national territory and the implementation of undercover operations by the USAID and CIA, with millions of dollars of funding, some of which have yet to be revealed. Since I have read the Geneva Convention clauses on genocide many times, I will make a copy available to the United States delegation.

The United States government is responsible for numerous extrajudicial executions, a portion carried out by drones or un-piloted aircraft, in which even U.S. citizens and minors have been killed; it is responsible for torture, for kidnappings, for 1,245 secret flights and secret prisons in Europe, while it maintains a concentration camp where torture takes place, located within territory illegally occupied in Guantánamo, Cuba.

It is not true that the United States and Cuba are trade partners. The ability to buy food in the United States, under difficult conditions, is the result of efforts made by sectors opposed to the blockade policy. These transactions have been processed under very strict regulations which cannot be described as those befitting a commercial relationship, much less as measures promoting flexibility; none meet the standards of the World Trade System.

Mr. Goddard has deliberately lied as to the two figures he cited during this meeting. In particular, he includes in so-called “humanitarian donations to Cuba” funds which the USAID uses to subvert the constitutional order in my country; the remittances which Cubans living in the U.S. send to their families, despite official regulations and restrictions; as well as donations sent by U.S. non-governmental organizations, through much effort, confronting government opposition, which were minimal in 2010.

The United States would do better, instead of unleashing wars, in which more than a million civilians have been murdered, and destabilizing foreign governments, to listen to the opinions of its own people. Close to here, on Wall Street, instead of brutally repressing its citizens, it should listen to what they have to say, to their complaints that there is no real democracy, that everything is determined by economic power, that corporations put profits above people, that greed overpowers justice, that inequality and oppression, as opposed to equality, guide the government. They decry that they have lost their homes, their pensions, their social security programs while the rich receive scandalous bonuses. They denounce that students have been strapped with debt, that the courts have corrupted justice, that millions of dollars are spent to eliminate medical insurance for workers and also that the United States participates in the torture and killing of innocent civilians abroad and perpetuates colonialism.

1,972 people have been executed in this country since 1976, some as a result of court errors. More than 3,000 U.S. citizens are now on death row. Just a few weeks ago, during the general debate here, the world was dismayed by the unjust execution of Troy Davis.

Mr. Goddard lies when he says that a U.S. citizen, a USAID contract employee, was sanctioned in Cuba for providing the Jewish community Internet access. He knows – he is an expert in these issues – that Mr. Gross was implementing an undercover operation in Cuba and committed criminal acts which are illegal in the United States as well.

In Cuba, children ask how it is possible that in this country, terrorists walk the streets and anti-terrorists are jailed. The five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters have suffered cruel, inhumane and degrading conditions for simply trying to prevent terrorist acts. They must be freed, including the one who is currently on supervised release and is being prevented from re-joining his family. It would be an act of justice and if that is not to be, at least, a humanitarian act.

Only in a country like the United States, could the Chairwoman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, a ferocious woman, lead a tribute to international terrorist Luis Posada Carriles, responsible for the in-flight downing of a civilian aircraft and, only here, could a group of children, from a theater company visiting the United States, be called terrorists and spies.

Mr. President:

The political battle which took place here today validates what our

Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro Ruz wrote last night in an article entitled NATO’s genocidal role, “The necessity of ending not only the blockade, but the system which engenders injustice on our planet, squanders its natural resources and is placing human survival at risk.”

Thank you very much.

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