Rene Gonzalez Speaks to the Cuban People

(acn) Rene Gonzalez, one of the five Cuban
anti-terrorist fighters, who was recently released from a US jail after
serving a 13-year-prison term, sent a message to the Cuban people
reaffirming his determination to keep fighting for justice, so that he and
his four compatriots return to their people in the Island.

In a message, aired by Cuban TV on Friday, Gonzalez said he and his four
fellow countrymen have felt like they have permanently accompanied through
the thousands of messages, letters from Cuban children, and the support
that has raised their spirit throughout all this years of injustice.

Rene Gonzalez, along with Gerardo Hernandez, Ramon Labañino, Antonio
Guerrero and Fernando Gonzalez, was arrested in 1998 for having tried to
stop terrorist plans against Cuba by Florida-based ultra-right groups.

Known as the Cuban Five around the world, the Cuban anti-terrorists were
given extremely long and unfair sentences in a 2001 biased trial in Miami.
Rene was released on October 7, but forced to remain on US territory for
another three years under probation.

“For me, this moment of happiness that we are now sharing, is only a break
in a long history of abuses, in which the slightest bit of justice has not
yet been made.”

“…We still have four brothers there, whom we have to release (from jail),
so that they return to us, to their relatives, and be among you all to
contribute their best…,” Rene said in his message.

“To my people all, to all those who, from around the world, have been by
our side through all these years, the thousands who have helped us break
this media blockade little by little, this silence by the huge corporate
media on our case, I express, on behalf of the Five, my deepest
gratefulness and my commitment to keep representing you as you
deserve…because we are not only Five, we represent all the (Cuban) people
who have resisted over the past 50 years…,” Rene said.

video : Mensaje de René González al pueblo de Cuba, 


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