Terrorism: Not a Trace of the Truth

By Néstor Núñez

US political arrogance has become a daily habit in their attempt to
demonstrate to the world that it can judge others of their “wickedness and
sins”, but they forget their own.

As a continuation of its old routine which began in 1982, the US State
Department placed Cuba once again on the list of nations that promote
terrorism in the world.

But, how can they place the small Caribbean nation on that list, when
almost 6 000 of its citizens have died or have been mutilated by violent
actions carried out by extreme right wing elements based in its entirety
in US territory?

Cuba of course, strongly rejected this infamous campaign orchestrated by
US authorities and demanded through diplomatic channels that Washington
detain and try confessed terrorist, Luis Posada Carriles, currently
walking the streets of Miami and end the inhuman incarceration of the five
Cuban political prisoners for defending their country against terrorism.

Many honest people must be asking themselves, where is the evidence
confirming the US accusation against Cuba.

Meanwhile, if we take a look at some of the history behind all this, not
only can we see the terrorists that have been protected by Washington in
its attacks  against the island, but have also carried out their violent
aggressions in US soil creating compromising and dangerous situations for
that society.

Late Orlando Bosch, for example, one of the promoters alongside his friend
Luis Posada Carriles in the bombing of the Cubana airliner off the coast
of Barbados killing 73 innocent people of board quickly found refuge in
Miami thanks to the help of George Bush Sr., and let us not forget their
attack against the UN building with a bazooka.

Terrorists of Cuban origin, among them Posada Carriles, were involved in
the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963.

They also killed former Chilean Foreign Minister Orlando Letelier in
Washington D.C. in 1976 and shot dead in the streets of New York, Cuban
diplomat Felix Garcia Rodriguez in September of 1980.

The extreme right wing elements also killed Cuban American figures that
were in favor of a dialog with their homeland, like the case of Luciano
Nieves, Eulalio Jose Negrin and young Carlos Muñiz Varela in San Juan,
Puerto Rico.

According to published records in Havana, only from February of 1975 to
July 1983, the terrorist groups of Cuban origin based in the US carried
out at least 26 bomb attacks against the same number of US installations:
from post offices, commercial entities, airports, warehouses, restaurants
and even an oil pipeline in Alaska as part of actions to stop any easing
of Washington’s policy towards Cuba.

After this, see for yourself, how the US continues year after year to
judge others of assassinations and terrorism in order to continue
justifying their foreign policy on those that defend their integrity and
dignity against the powerful empire.


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