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Paypal and eBay Impose U.S. Blockade Against Cuba in Germany

August 3, 2011

 (acn) Online auction site eBay and its subsidiary
PayPal are prohibiting German merchants from doing Cuba-related
transactions, prompting accusations the company is violating European law,
a local newspaper reported.

The German newspaper Die Welt slammed the move against German website
owners selling Cuban cigars who have had their transactions blocked and
their Paypal accounts closed. The daily labeled the actions as “grossly

PayPal recently demanded the German firm Rum & Co to take the cigars, rum
and other products from the island out of its website.

The move apparently responds to the nearly 50-year U.S. blockade against
Cuba, which prohibits American companies from doing business with the
island. “But there are no such restrictions against European Union
companies and, EBay, which is based in California, has allowed
Cuba-related transactions by Europeans to go through in the past,” reads
the German newspaper.

Thomas Altman, who sells Cuban cigars and spirits through his internet
store, told Die Welt that “PayPal has closed his account despite his
protests, making it impossible for him to sell his products.”

A PayPal spokesman confirmed the closure of Altman’s shop and several
others to the newspaper, stating that the decision responds to the
policies of its US parent company.

The daily notes that Paypal did not offer alternatives for merchants such
as Silke Wolf who said she had lost up to 60 percent of her business
through the company.

“This has now disappeared and we have no substitute,” she told Die Welt,
speculating the move was actually calculated to protect American alcohol

Aggrieved online retailers say they’re mulling their legal options and a
class action lawsuit is one possibility.

International trade expert Lothar Harings, with the law firm Graf von
Westphalen, thinks they’d likely be successful. He called eBay’s actions
“grossly unlawful” in Germany.

Die Welt quoted Harings as saying: “eBay itself is violating EU law,
mainly EU blocking regulations.”

The regulations, which explicitly allow Europeans to do business with
Cuba, were formulated in response to US sanctions against Cuba.


Washington Goes Bankrupt, but Keeps Money to Subvert Cuba

August 3, 2011

HAVANA, Cuba (SJ) Dem. Senator Patrick Leahy, for Vermont and the US Department of State settled their dispute over the millions of dollars destined to programs in favor of a “change of regime in Cuba.”

The end of this controversy, amidst the melodramatic debate to raise the debt ceiling in the United States, will allow the Obama administration to invest 20 million dollars in such subversive programs.

Senator Patrick Leahy had blocked the money, but in a message to AP he said he had released the funds after receiving details about the use the money would be given.

The Cuba Program, set up in 1996, has been subject to investigation following reports about the inappropriate use of the funds by those who have received them and poor supervision by the US government.

Senator John Kerry, president of the Foreign Relations Committee of the US Senate, admitted that this program has cost US taxpayers some 150 million dollars and he asked the Government Accountability Office (GAO), which has launched probes into fraud about those programs in the past, to investigate the legal basis and effectiveness of such operations.”


coming weeks will be critical in reaching a decision regarding the writ of Habeas Corpus filed on behalf of Gerardo

August 3, 2011

Up next, the Agreement of the National Assembly of the People’s Power
(Parliament) on the Cuban Five, published by Granma newspaper on Tuesday:
  The National Assembly of People’s Power demands the US government to put immediate end to
the unfair and illegal treatment given to Gerardo Hernandez.
  Summer is a holiday season for many people in Cuba. However, we need, now more than ever,
to intensify efforts and to work systematically towards the full implementation of the
agreements reached at the 6th Congress of the Cuban Communist Party, and of the decisions
taken by the Cuban Parliament aimed at updating and perfecting Cuban socialism.
  Likewise, we also need to redouble efforts in the struggle for the release of Gerardo
Hernandez Nordelo, Ramon Labañino, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando Gonzalez and Rene Gonzalez.
  Now is the time to increase actions several times over tirelessly, in order to break the
wall of silence that allows Washington to perpetuate injustice. We have to demand the US
government to release the information it has concealed about its conspiracy with the so-
called “journalists” of Miami, who slandered The Five, and also provoked and threatened the
members of the jury in spite of the protests of the judge. We also demand the US government to
show the satellite images they have concealed for 15 years now, probably because they
undermine the US trumped-up story about the location of the incident of February 24, 1996. We
must once again call on the so-called media outlets to stop censuring the document through
which Washington admitted, ten years ago, that it was impossible for it to support its main
charge against Gerardo.
  The coming weeks will be critical in reaching a decision regarding the writ of Habeas
Corpus filed on behalf of Gerardo and, like in previous occasions, he will be facing new and
harder obstacles along the way, which is added to his very difficult prison situation and
constitute a clear violation of his rights, and even of US laws.
  In this crucial stage, he has faced additional difficulties for his communication with his
lawyers and with Cuban embassy officials. His access to mail has been limited or prevented,
including that of legal nature related to his case.
  The National Assembly of People’s Power demand of US authorities to put an immediate end to
the unfair and illegal treatment given to Gerardo Hernandez, and calls on the world’s
parliamentarians and honest people to show their support until the release of our five
comrades and their immediate and unconditional return to their homeland are achieved.
  Let us commit ourselves to this struggle without losing a single day.  Ever onward to

Havana, August 1st, 2011
National Assembly of the People’s Power


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