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Cuban Parliament Issues Call to Step Up Campaign to Free the Five

August 1, 2011

 (acn) The members of the Cuban National Assembly
(Parliament) agreed on Monday to step up an international campaign for the
release of five Cuban antiterrorists who remain unjustly imprisoned in the
United States since 1998.

“It is necessary to take this struggle to higher levels,” reads a document
unanimously approved on Monday morning during the beginning of the Seventh
Ordinary Period of Sessions of the Seventh Legislature of Parliament that
takes place at Havana’s Convention Center.

The text, presented to the parliamentarians by the Parliament president,
Ricardo Alarcon, urges honest people all over the world to show their
solidarity and multiply actions to bring down the wall of silence around
the case of Gerardo Hernandez, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando Gonzalez, Ramon
Labañino, and Rene Gonzalez —internationally known as the Cuban Five—, who
were arrested and given harsh and unjust sentences for monitoring
anti-Cuba extremist groups in South Florida that were planning and
carrying out terrorist actions against the Caribbean nation.

The document refers in particular to the case of Gerardo Hernandez,
sentenced to two life terms plus 15 years after an illegal process in
which the judge did not accept any of the mitigating factors presented by
the defense team, slander was admitted, and the members of the jury were

The statement demands the disclosure of evidence on Gerardo’s alleged
involvement in the shooting-down of two aircraft of the terrorist
organization Brothers to the Rescue by the Cuban government on February
24, 1996 —a charge that was never proven.

Gerardo has been facing additional difficulties to communicate with his
lawyers and with the Cuban diplomatic representatives in the U.S. while
his access to the mail is limited and obstructed, even that of a legal
nature related to his case.


5th of August Let’s Raise Our Voices for the Cuban 5

August 1, 2011


International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban 5


On the 5th of August Let’s Raise Our Voices for the Cuban 5 

Logo 5x5   

Dear friends,


THIS 5TH OF AUGUST,  MAKE A CALL, OR SEND A FAX, OR AN E-MAIL, OR A TELEGRAM to the WHITE HOUSE to demand President Obama free the Cuban 5 imprisoned in the United States for defending their homeland.


Let’s continue to demand President Obama to make use of the rights conferred upon him by the US Constitution, as a lawyer, as a father, as a son, as a husband, and as a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, to END THIS COLOSSAL INJUSTICE AND TO FREE THE 5 NOW!!!








By phone: 202-456-1111
If calling from outside the United States, dial first the International Area Code
+ 1 (US country code) followed by 202-456-1111
By Fax: 202-456-2461
If fax is sent from outside the United States, dial first the International Area
Code + 1 (US country code) followed by 202-456-2461
To send an electronic message write to: HTTP://WWW.WHITEHOUSE.GOV/CONTACT 
To send a telegram
President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20500


Free Them
Song by Antony “Mighty Gabby” Carter dedicated to the Cuban 5


 Ask all your friends to do the same.


International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban 5

To learn more about the Cuban 5 visit:    

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August 1, 2011

Buffalo, NY—On Monday, August 1, 2011, 37 US citizens from 7 states, 25 of whom reside in the New York and New Jersey area, will return to the US from Cuba after traveling for two weeks with the Venceremos Brigade—having publicly engaged in civil disobedience by defying the US government´s travel restrictions and travelling to the Caribbean island without a licence.   They will enter the US via Canada, marching across the International Peace Bridge and holding rallies on both sides of the border.
For 8 years, the Venceremos Brigade, an educational project that has sent more than 9,000 US citizens to Cuba over the past 42 years, has organized a public Travel Challenge as a way to pressure the US government to lift the embargo against Cuba and rectify its foreign policy towards the island.  Brigade members, known as ¨brigadistas,¨ are diverse in race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, occupation, and political affiliation.
Brigadistas brought a ton of material aid to the island and donated it to various institutions in an effort to help fight the effects of the blockade and demonstrate their solidarity with the Cuban people.  Also, brigadistas volunteered on civic projects alongside Cubans, doing labor on several organic urban gardens, which have proliferated since the early 1990s when the collapse of the Soviet Union and the intensification of the US embargo forced Cuba to move toward building a more self-sufficient economy.  The rest of their time was spent in educational encounters with people from various sectors of Cuban society, through which they learned about the realities of Cuban politics, economy, and culture, the priorities of the government´s foreign policy such as ending the embargo and securing the release of the ¨Cuban 5,¨five U.S. held political prisoners held in US prisons for nearly 13 fo r infiltrating anti-Cuban terrorist groups in Miami.
Although the US government only allows licensed travel to Cuba, the Venceremos Brigade proudly went without permission—in solidarity with the Cuban people and in condemnation of a US policy toward Cuba that is unpopular with Americans (Cuban-Americans included) and the international community alike.
While the Travel Challenge has triggered threats of fines from the US Treasury Department as well as FBI harassment, the Venceremos Brigade asserts their constitutional right to freedom of association and travel anywhere, including Cuba.  They argue that instead of sending FBI agents to the homes of Americans who want to see Cuba for themselves, the US government should lift the embargo and work to rectify its foreign policy toward Cuba.
In January, the Obama Administration expanded travel and remittances to Cuba, a decision supported by educational and cultural institutions as well as by Cuban-Americans across the country.  This action has resulted in a backlash spearheaded by US Representative Mario Diaz-Balart (R) of South Florida, who sponsored an amendment, approved by the US House Committee on Appropriations, which would undo President Obama´s expansion and reinforce the strict travel restrictions in place under former President George W. Bush.
With even the limited travel openings under attack, this years Venceremos Brigade´s trip takes on even greater political significance.  As brigadistas return to the US, they have a clear mission of educating people about the travel ban, the embargo, the Cuban 5, and fighting against the Diaz-Balart Amendment.
The Pastors for Peace Caravan, an interfaith group that engaged in civil disobedience along with the Venceremos Brigade, will enter the US via Mexico on the same day the Brigade returns.  The two groups met in Havana on Saturday, July 30th, to honor the legacy of Reverend Lucius Walker, who led the Pastors for Peace Caravan from its foundation in 1991 until his death last August.
Brigadistas are available for interviews upon their arrival in Buffalo, NY on August 1, and anytime after.

Contact: Jessica Taube                                                             


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