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July 7, 2011

Dear Comrades,

 I feel proud and honoured to have meet you in Havana during the third International Youth Congress in Solidarity with the Cuban Five Anti-Terrorist Heroes in June. I would like to inform you that during my flight back to Africa, Namibia i was detained; first in Spain without any proper explaination and later detained in London for attending and supporting the struggle for the Cuban five. I was only released from detention hours after the Namibian authorities intervened. Hereunder is what actually transpired. On June 16, 2011 , 22H50, I departed from Jose Marti International Airport in Havana with Iberia/British Airways to Madrid, Spain. While waiting to board flight IB-6620 in Havana, my name was announced on the public address system that i must not stand in the queue but rather i must just come board the plane. I was hesitant at first and then i informed Cde Diago , The President of the World Federation of Democratic Youth about my name calling and he urged me to go and report. I positively responded to the call but to my surprise i was told to surrender my passport and air ticket to the Iberia/British Airways staff and board the plane. This was unusual and i asked for the reason but i was told “for safekeeping” and still i couldn’t understand it. We arrived in Madrid , 17 June and i asked for my passport and air ticket and i was told to go with a Spanish Police men because he had my passport and air ticket. The police men told me to follow him and i did. Later on he was joined by two other police men armed with service pistols and handcuffs. I was then ordered to stand still and not go anywhere because the police have work to do with my passport, ticket and my boarding ticket. One police men left with my documents to undisclosed office and the other two police men circled me and i was standing in between them. It was strange but i was kept there for plus minus 25 minutes and i asked for the reason but i was just told “wait a moment” thereafter i was told to go board the plane. I insisted for an explanation but the Police told me that something was wrong with my boarding ticket and they were helping me to sort it out. I had deficit of trust in the police ‘s explanation and i went to inquire with the Iberia Air ways on the type of mistake or wrong they did on my boarding ticket but i was told there is nothing. I got confused more and went back to Spanish Police and asked why my passport and air ticket were taken away from me and kept waiting for 25 minutes. Now, all the police Officers could not speak English and i was told to speak in Spanish, the language i can not speak. I then decided to phone the embassy of Spain in Windhoek at cell: +264811404277 to translate for me but the police now refused to speak on the phone. While waiting there, then i witnessed and even video recorded a black female presumably from West Africa who was literally harassed by uniformed Spanish police officers. It was bad news and then i left before i become the second victim. At around 18h30, 17 June, i boarded Iberia/British Airways- IB 7446 to London but after boarding. There was an announcement by the cabin crew that the plane will only depart after 20 minutes after the scheduled flight time and thereafter 10 more minutes. We arrived at London Heathrow airport very late and i was only left with 20 minutes to connect flights to British Airways IB 4772 to Africa, Johannesburg. Thereafter i was told i am late and gate closed. I must sleep in UK. I was booked at Renaissance Hotel Room 2144 but first i must go through immigration point. At Immigration point number 8, terminal 5, that is where the real drama started and the true story unfolded. I remember the dialogue as follows: *Immigration Officer (I.O):* What were you doing in Cuba? *Charles:* I was attending the Cuban Five International Solidarity Congress and also meeting the families of the Cuban five in Havana. *(In my passport there was nothing like a cuba immigration stamp or anything which shows that i was from cuba)*. *Immigration:* Who are the Cuban five? *Charles:* They are five anti-terrorist Cuban heroes wrongly arrested by the USA Administration. *Immigration:* So, I can see in your passport that you were alos in Ghana. What were you doing in Ghana? *Charles:* I was attending a meeting of the Association of All African Universities. *Immigration:* What does the Cuban five has to do with you? Are you a Journalist? *Charles: *I am not a Journalist but i am a Member of the National Executive Committee of the SWAPO Party Youth League which is a wing of the SWAPO Party in Namibia. *Immigration: *So, SWAPO of Namibia supports Cuban terrorists? *Charles:* Yes, we support the Cuban Five Anti-Terrorist heroes and Cuba has been and remains a true friend to SWAPO and Namibia as a Country. After all, Cuba supported SWAPO during the liberation struggle against the British South Africa Aparthied illegal rule of Namibia which led to the attainment of our political independence. *Immigration:* You are detained for collaborating with terrorists of Cuba. *Charles: *Ooohk. Thereafter i was issued with a warrant of detention and my charges were verbally communicated to me as : (1) Further examination on you and your SWAPO‘s relations with Cuban Terrorists.(2) You are in possession of a fake passport. Interesting enough , i was told my passport number is being shared between myself and a female Namibia. One thing which really puzzled me is that i have been using the some passport in London for several trips, also in some other european countries, Asian Countries, Americas and in Africa and now it was fake. In Namibia i inquired at Immigrration Office and i was told my passport was not fake and i am not sharing my passport number with anyone. While in detention i phoned Cde Dr Ngurare; our Youth Leader in Namibia who was in South Africa attending the African National Congress Youth League Congress who later phoned the Namibian Authorities. My call was cut short by the Immigration Officer on point .9, who informed me that i have no right to phone or contact anyone because i am in detention. I was detained for several hours. I was not even allowed to go to the toilet without permission and when i tried it i was seriously reprimanded by the Immigration Officer who told me that i have no right to walk anywhere i want too. At 23H55, i was released and i asked the outcome of the “further examinations” on me, SWAPO and Fake passports. *Immigration Officer *said: You are released because (1)there is a strong historical link between your SWAPO , its Leaders and the Cummunist Party of Cuba, (2) Your passport is fake and your passport number: P0275223 is also for a female Namibian named: Mukalaka Mushiba and your Immigration Office must correct that mistake. My detention warrant papers were taken away from me and put in trash can but i had already taken pictures of it with my mobile phone. Thereafter, i went to the Bus stop 26 and jumped into a bus to Renaissance Hotel where i slept. I slept with my one eye open because i was scared that i might be followed and eliminated by those british imperialists. In short this is my story. Whatever, happened i will not be intimidated by anyone (either the Spainish or British Authorities) in this noble fight to liberate our brothers in USA prisons. Comrades, the struggle continues.

 Charles Siyauya

Member of the National Executive Committee and Central Committee of the SWAPO PARTY Youth League of Namibia.

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