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Relatives of The Five Denounce these Antiterrorists have been Subjected to Torture

June 30, 2011


HAVANA, Cuba, June 29 (acn) Relatives of the five Cuban antiterrorist heroes denounced on
Wednesday, within the context of the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, the
humiliations and mistreatment these men have been subjected to by the US government.
  In a meeting held at the United Nations Association of Cuba (ACNU), Elizabeth Palmeiro,
wife of Ramon Labañino, said that him and Rene Gonzalez, Fernando Gonzalez, Antonio Guerrero
and Gerardo Hernandez, have been brutally deprived of basic rights for being their case a
politicized and manipulated one.
  It’s a form of torture, together with the constant pressure exerted on The Five and their
relatives and the changeable US judicial system and its prison regime, added Palmeiro.
  She said that these five revolutionaries have been denied permission to receive visits and
the possibility of meeting their loved ones again.
  Likewise, she stressed that the final objective of the US judicial system is to undermine
the will and determination of The Five, who have been in prison since 1998 without evidence of
the commission of any crime.
  Their main concern, she emphasized, was their wish to defend their people from terrorist
actions conceived in south Florida.
  She underlined that US President Barack Obama has the power to set them free.
  Olga Salanueva, wife of Rene Gonzalez, said that the empire ha used all its weapons of
torture, among them the absolute silence of the media, hatred and impunity, reasons for which
she asked the international community to face it with the power of dignity, love and
  Nuris Piñeiro, member of the team of lawyers of the families of The Five, commented that
this case has been riddled with injustices.
  There are children who have grown up without seeing their parents, a mother who died
without seeing her son again, and married couples that have not been able to meet again, and
these are tortures opening wounds that last forever, she pointed out.
  Participating in the meeting were representatives of political, mass and solidarity
organizations, as well as guests.


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