The role of employment in the process of updating the Cuban economic model

The Guidelines of the Social and Economic Policies approved in the Sixth
Congress of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC) for updating the Cuban
economic model rely on the role of employment.

The objective is to increase its contribution to the products and revenues
created, with high representation from unconventional sources of employment.

The Marxist political economy showed that the usefulness and values of the
goods produced emerge during the process of elaboration, and constitute
material wealth which is distributed and redistributed in society.

The development of productive sources demands the loosening of red-tape
obstacles that slow down social investments and turn them into a partially
or completely lost process.

Self-employment, cooperatives involved in trading, services and other
non-agricultural productive activities will take an active role in the
management of the Cuban economy; thus breaking old patterns of generalized

This process of expansion and opening of opportunities for employment is
full of incomprehension and lacks preparation of the required conditions,
and a coherent strategy so as to make significant contributions to the
wealth the country is in need of.

Self-employment is a valid alternative of employment and income for all
the people that need to work, for those that will be separated from the
state sector as a result of ongoing adjustments, and for those that begin
to work. However, the proliferation of activities that do not make
productive contributions acts as redistribution mechanism of the goods and
revenues created.

Increasing the social productivity is essential in order to create a
product that would favor consumption and accumulation for investments,
which will bring about the necessary growth and development of the country.

The policy of employment will change in accordance with strategic
guidelines for the readjustment of organization patterns of production and
services. The final result of the changes proposed will take into account
the relevance attained in the contribution of productive and services
activities so as to meet the real needs of the population.

Putting into practice all the potential of the human capital trained by
the Revolution, while working, will bring about the necessary wealth for
the sustainable economic take-off of the country. That’s the immediate
challenge in order to get considerable results in the short and medium terms

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Cuban News Agency

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