We Need to Break the Wall of Silence Raised against the Five, said Ricardo Alarcon

La Colmenita Artistic Collective at 3rd International Youth Encounter in Solidarity with the Cuban Five,

South Journal—We need to break down the wall of silence raised by the corporative media against the Cuban Five case and it is a task to be undertaken by the youths, since it requires love and commitment and great creative energy.

The statement was part of the key lecture given by Cuban Parliament President Ricardo Alarcon this Sunday morning at the 3rd International Youth Encounter in Solidarity with the five Cuban antiterrorist fighters held in US jails.

The Sunday meeting, which is part of the agenda of the international event, started in the morning with a simple but very emotive cultural gala, marked by the performance of the La Colmenita Children Theater Company.

Ricardo Alarcon, member of the Political Bureau of Cuba´s Communist Party and Parliament president addressed the delegates and other guests, such as the relatives of the Cuban five to explain about the case with emphasis in the need to keep spreading the truth:

The Cuban Five have already been held for 13 years in unjust imprisonment.

“Our five comrades simply do not exist for the big corporations that control the media. So, denouncing this wall of silence is not enough; it is necessary to breakdown the wall of silence and this is a task to be undertaken by the youths, since it requires love and commitment and great creative energy,” said Alarcon.

“We are still far off from reaching this goal and we still have much to do. We must insist in big corporations by taking advantages of spaces like the paid ads, and denouncing their accomplice silence.”

“We must also urge our media, those progressive ones, to do creative and authentic journalism that is able to overcome the bureaucratic inertia, by using modern information technologies and without disregarding crucial methods of direct political work.”

Alarcon explained that the Five only fought terrorism and that the US government has never been able to present proofs against them, as it was revealed in a document published by the prosecution on May 25, 2001.

He also referred to the document signed by the Atlanta Court of Appeals affirming that the case had nothing to do with espionage, and declaring as null the sentences against Antonio Guerrero, Fernando Gonzalez and Ramon Labañino, while upholding those against Gerardo Hernandez and Rene Gonzalez.

Thirteen years have come by and since the very beginning they have tried to make people believe that the Five were accused of espionage, Alarcon pointed out and said that at present “we are involved in a struggle for the Habeas Corpus in the cases of Antonio and Gerardo.

Alarcon went into details about the case of Gerardo Hernandez by noting that his defense is based on two elements that reveal the nature of the process. The first one is related to the judicial farce at the Miami Trial that focused on the downing of planes from the terrorist organization “Brothers to the Rescue”. “Gerardo had nothing to do with the downing of the light planes. Even the US government admitted that they could not maintain such an accusation, and the International Civil Aviation Association asked Washington for proofs about it, but they rejected to give any proof.”

The second reason is related to having found out in 2006 that the US administration granted significant sums of money to journalists so that they unleashed a ferocious campaign against the Five. These are irrefutable proofs to convince just anybody, and enough for Obama to release the Cuban Five, conclude Alarcon.

During the opening of the meeting, the First Secretary of the Cuban Young Communist League, Liudmila Alamo Dueñas addressed the 180 participants from 36 countries of the world to say that their presence in the conference proves the growing support given to the cause of the Cuban Five around the world.

“Tomorrow, no western media outlet will echo this encounter, but we are pleased to say that along with those of you who are attending, others continue to offer their support,” said the youth leader.


Ricardo Alarcon Lecture participants


The audience, Alarcon, mothers and wives of the Five


More Photos

Son of Antonio Guerreo Addresses Participants


Irma González, daughter of René González, speaks of solidarity with the Cuban Five.


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