International Forum in Solidarity with the Cuban Five

International Forum in Solidarity with the Cuban Five in Cuba

Posted on June 11, 2011 by lchirino

The over 180 participants include Tiago Vieira from the World Federation of Democratic Youths and Alejo Ramirez, from the Ibero-American Youth Organization.

South Journal—The 3rd International Encounter in Solidarity with the five Cuban antiterrorist fighters held in US jails will be held in Havana, June 11-13, with the attendance of representatives from 36 countries.

Among the over 180 participants who already confirmed attendance are the president of the World Federation of Democratic Youths and the general secretary of the Ibero-American Youth Organization, Alejo Ramirez.

Leira Sanchez, member of the National Bureau of the Cuban Young Communist League (UJC) said that the attendance by these two leaders proves the support by the new generations of the cause of Gerardo Hernández, Fernando González, Antonio Guerrero, Ramón Labañino and René González, internationally known as the Cuban Five.

The forum will provide space for delegates and relatives of the Five to exchange views on details relevant to the legal process and the world campaign demanding the release of the Cuban antiterrorist fighters, PL news reported.

Sanchez noted that the use of new information and communication technologies will be crucial in boosting debates and break the wall of silence raised by the corporative media against the case.

The Cuban Five are serving extremely long sentences in US high-security prisons since 1998 for having alerted Cuba about terrorist plans designed in South Florida by ultra-right and anti-Cuba organizations.

Next June 13, the forum will be on-line at while it will be fully covered in blogs and social networks.


The Young Communist League, on behalf of every youth movement and student organization in our country, summons the youth and students associations, and in general every young men or women with good will in the World, to unite, as in many occasions, for the defense of truth and justice.

The struggle for the release of this Five Heroes from prison represents a battle for the truth and against terrorism. The objective is to break the wall of silence imposed by the government of the United States to public opinion on this matter, to denounce the manipulation and the lies of a biased and unjust trial and to demand the immediate freedom of our five brothers.

Imperialism continues to level all its disdain against human dignity with total irrationality; arbitrarily ignores all the statements from international organizations and creates all kinds of legal and political barriers that hinder the finding of a solution to free the Five. Only actual mobilization of public opinion will make possible the necessary influence to achieve the justice our people is fighting for today.

Humanity is living a critical moment of its history and we as the youth are responsible for this victory for the sake of the future.

This forum will be in favor of five men that combine the highest values of dignity, altruism, courage and solidarity.

We invite you all to celebrate this event on June 12th, and 13th, 2011, celebrating the3rd International Youth Congress in Solidarity, in Havana, Cuba.

Our youth and our people will be proud to welcome you, in order to exchange experiences together and meditate about ideas that must be multiplied to achieve the victory in this battle.

Freedom for the Five Heroes!

Freedom for the Truth and Justice!

Until Victory Always!

Young Communist League



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