Terrorism: Cuba Transparent Position

By Néstor Núñez

The recent decision to circulate among the UN member nations an official
document reiterating Cuba´s condemnation to all type of terrorism once
again shows that the island not only responds to ethical and moral
principles but in addition demonstrates the harsh experiences of the Cuban
people as victims of such criminal acts.

Cuba has been the target by the majority of the US administrations when it
comes to this sad and painful issue of organized and financed terrorist

 That is why the Cuban people are sensible to such criminal manifestations
and strongly condemn it due to its brutal character.

No less than 1 thousand Cubans have died due to terrorism and another 3
million have been mutilated or seriously injured throughout the years at
the hand of criminals that have carried out sabotages and aggressions.

These terrorists are extreme right wing Cuban Americans based in the US
protected and supported by powerful sectors of the US government.  This is
the reality.

Washington cannot deny at this point that terrorism has been among its
methods throughout history against the Cuban Revolution and the protection
of those that executed such actions are part of the strange “democratic”
doctrine and “defender of freedom”.

It is part of history.  Terrorism carried out throughout history, from the
sabotage of a French vessel carrying weapons to the Havana Port in 1960 to
supporting counterrevolutionary groups in the Escambray Mountains and
other regions of the country killing campesinos, teachers and young people
that were participating in the literacy campaign.

From the Pay of Pigs invasion to the destruction of the Cubana airliner in
mid air killing 73 innocent people on board off the coasts of Barbados,
introduction of biological agents on the island to placing bombs in Havana
hotels and tourism installations by mercenaries that were paid by
terrorists based in southern Florida.

US authorities have done nothing and continue to protect those responsible
of such violence.

Luis Posada Carriles, author of the bombing of the Cubana airliner, guilty
of repeated attempts to assassinate Cuban leader Fidel Castro and
confessed organizer of sabotages against tourism installations on the
island among other brutal acts is walking the streets of Miami even after
entering the US illegally and accused of perjury after lying to US federal
agents and finally found not guilty after a absurd trial in el Paso, Texas.

However, in tone with the peculiar manner in which the US defines
terrorism, five Cubans who attempted to stop terrorism actions against the
Cuban people from US territory are serving long unjust terms in prison for
over 12 years in the so called democratic country, amidst all types of
legal and prison arbitrations.


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