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US Artists Send Letter to Jimmy Carter on Trip to Cuba

April 9, 2011

The US organization Actors and Artists United for the Freedom of the Cuban Five sent former US
President a letter expressing gratitude for his statements promoting improved relations
between the two countries and in favor of the release of the five Cuban prisoners in the US.

“Your call for the release of Gerardo Hernandez Nordelo, Antonio Guerrero Rodriguez, Fernando
Gonzalez Llort, Ramon Labanino Salazar, and Rene Gonzalez Sehwerert, known as the Cuban 5, and
your willingness to visit with their family members in Cuba mean a great deal to all
involved,” reads the letter.

“Your leadership honors the principles upon which our nation was founded. Your calls to remove
Cuba from the US State Department’s list of state sponsors of terrorism, to lift the US
blockade now having been imposed on Cuba for half a century, and to remove all restrictions
imposed on its citizens regarding travel to Cuba (a position supported by 67% of Americans and
Cuban Americans), are fair, just and appropriate.”

The artists expressed their support of Carter’s discussions with President Obama and Secretary
of State Hillary Clinton and hoped he will call “for urgent action on their part to make right
this unjust situation.”

The artists and other personalities who signed the letter include, among others, Edward Asner,
Co-Chair Danny Glover, Jackson Browne, James Cromwell, Oliver Stone, Miguel D’Escoto, Noam
Chomsky, Noble Peace Laureate Adolfo Perez Esquivel, as well as other figures in the political
and artistic sectors.

U.S. Government Terrorist Walks Free

April 9, 2011
National Committee To Free The Cuban Five

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Outrage in El Paso:
Posada Acquitted!

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Free the Cuban Five Now!
Allow the families’ visits!
Grant entry visas to
Adriana Pérez and Olga Salanueva!

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