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Former US President Clinton Recognizes Cuban Cooperation in Haiti

April 7, 2011

 (acn) Former US president William Clinton, UN special
envoy to Haiti, admitted on Wednesday the importance of the Cuban
cooperation in that country, which was devastated by an earthquake in 2010
and by the cholera epidemics.
   The Colombian president, Juan Manuel Santos, transmitted the
recognition to the Cuban Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla,
during a session of the UN Security Council on the reconstruction of Haiti
, after Rodriguez’s speech.
   When addressing the UN Security Council, Rodriguez noted that Cuba’s
efforts for rebuilding that nation are focused on public health in order
to meet the sanitary needs of 75 % of the population most affected with
minimum expenses.
   The Cuban diplomat affirmed that this is a joint program with the
Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of our America (ALBA), run under the
guidance and priorities of the Haitian government.
   Rodriguez explained that after the earthquake, the Cuban health
cooperants in Haiti have assisted nearly 2 million patients, have
performed more than 36,000 surgeries and 8,500 labors, and have applied
465,000 rehabilitation treatments.
   He mentioned that the Cuban health staff offers services in 23
reference community hospitals, in 30 rehabilitation rooms, 13 health
centers, two surgical and ophthalmologic locations, and in the Public
Health Lab.
   The Cuban Foreign Minister pointed out that these doctors also faced
the cholera epidemics that affects Haiti since last October, for which
they created 67 units where they have assisted more than 73,000 patients
––a third part of all cholera cases in the nation.
   He said that out of that figure, only 272 people died, for a lethality
rate of 0,37 %, which is five times less than the rest of the institutions
in Haiti. He also added that there have been no deaths for the disease
among the Cuban staff within the last 77 days.
   Rodriguez criticized the lack of international commitment in the
reconstruction of Haiti and reaffirmed Cuba’s willingness to work with any
country or organization for the development of the Haitian health system.
   The Cuban minister made clear that the promised funds for financial
and material aid have not been paid out, and the will of the Haitian
government nor its priorities have been respected.
   He highlighted the support of Venezuela and the joint work of Brazil
and Cuba through a Tripartite Agreement with Haiti; as well as the
contribution of Namibia, Norway, South Africa, Australia, and Spain of
about 3,500,000 dollars.
   Rodriguez stated that Haiti does not need of any forces of occupation,
and it cannot become in a protectorate of the UN, whose role is to support
the Haitian government and its people in consolidating their sovereignty
and self-determination.
   He asserted that the UN Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) has no political
prerogatives to interfere in the domestic affairs of the nation.
   The Cuban Foreign Minister affirmed that the humanitarian situation in
Haiti does not concern the UN Security Council but UN General Assembly.

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