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Latin America: Same Old Story

April 6, 2011

By Néstor Núñez

It’s become the same old story over and over again: every time Latin
America takes independent steps or attempts to acquire a progressive or
revolutionary path Washington appears with a new “brilliant theory” to
mold itself into the issue; while more or less, persists in its aggressive
tendencies whenever it can.
Its most recent proposals came during President Barack Obama’s only trip
up to now to the nations to the south where a number of governments’ line
of action is to attempt to distance itself from the traditional US mandate
for the region.
The US president insisted in the term “partners” when the world knows that
there is a profound division between Latin America and the US that dates
back centuries with the classic tag Made in the USA.
We cannot forget that despite his nice talk, the Obama administration
executed and perpetrated the coup against the constitutionally elected
Honduran government and took on at least 7 new military bases in Colombia
as axis for future aggressions in the heart of Latin America.
But we should not be shocked.  During the 1960’s, another US President,
John F. Kennedy announced the famous Alliance for Progress, destined at
making the Latin American people believe, concerned over the example of
the Cuban Revolution in the region, (not to forget the Bay of Pigs
invasion) that the good would come from the north by ending political
violence and past social problems established in our geographic region.
The plan also generated the so called peace corp. that –under the alleged
direct support of US citizens to the “unhappy people” of the south-
massively sterilized Latin American women and looted natural resources
thanks to US transnational.
The famous concept of Representative Robert Kennedy (brother of John and
both assassinated by the extreme right wing) that revolutions in Latin
America was inevitable and Washington had the duty to create conditions to
adjust them to its imperial needs.
All without forgetting, of course, the aborted program of Bill Clinton for
the establishment of a Free Trade Area in the Americas (FTAA) aimed at
making our region more of their back yard.
Let us talk then of the variant of the “nice face” that forms part of that
enormous arsenal of dominance and interference established by Washington
to manage the hemisphere as it wishes.

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