Solidarity Actions with Cuban Five Worldwide

(acn) The conviction that the five Cuban
antiterrorist fighters will return to their country land because they are
innocent was reiterated in Miami, US and Rio San Juan, Nicaragua and Europe.
  In a meeting held in Miami in a tribute to American lawyer and civil
rights activist Leonard Weinglass, who recently passed away, Cuban Five
supporters discussed about the case and the international campaign for
their release.
   At the moment of his death, Weinglass was the defense attorney for
Antonio Guerrero’s, one of the Cuban Five.
  Guerrero, as well as Rene Gonzalez, Gerardo Hernandez, Ramon Labañino
and Fernando Gonzalez has been imprisoned in the US since 1998 for having
pentrated Miami-based anti-Cuba organizations to prevent terrorist actions
against the Cuban people.
  Speakers at the Miami meeting were Max Lesnik, Radio Miami director;
and Andres Gomez, national coordinator for Antonio Maceo Brigade,
according to the website.
  On related news, Rio San Juan was the venue for the Sandinistas Women
Congress in which a statement demanding Washington the release of the
Cuban Five was approved, says a report on the Cuban Foreign Ministry’s
  Similar actions were taken by the Cuba-Sweden Friendship Association
and the Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban Five in the European nation.
  The Swedish organizations announced that in the next few days, they
will lead meetings with personalities, religious leaders and students to
spread the truth about the case of the Cuban Five, one of them will be in
Stockholm on Saturday and it will be broadcast live over internet.
  Meanwhile, a plastics art exhibition titled “Free the Five” will be
unveiled in Austria at the Educative Cultural Center of the Communist
Party of Styria, where a Committee in support of the Cuban Five will be
officially created.

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