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Baptism Ceremony in France dedicated to The Cuban Five

March 16, 2011

( acn) The singular republican baptism of a baby boy in the French commune of
Carnoules, dedicated to the five Cuban heroes incarcerated in the United States for over 12
years now, was highlighted by the local newspaper La Marsellesa.
  The name of the baby is Leandro, and he’s the son of Eric Epitalon, president of the
France-Cuba Friendship Association of Var. The ceremony was presided over by Henri Ceze,
communist mayor of Carnoules, in the department of Var, the Prensa Latina news agency
  The morning paper underlined that the five Cubans are called Antonio Guerrero, Fernando
Gonzalez, Ramon Labañino, Gerardo Hernandez and Rene Gonzalez, and that they were unfairly
sentenced in the United States for warning about terrorist actions against Cuba.
  Leandro has other godfathers, clarified mayor Ceze in reference to The Five, and stressed
that their absence was because they are in prison, where they have shown great courage, the
reason for which they have received –he said- the acknowledgement and the respect of millions
of progressive people from around the world.
  La Marsellesa reported the participation of Andre Minier, president of the France-Cuba
organization of solidarity; the head of the same group in the French Basque Country; and of
Ana Maria Chongo, Cuba’s consul in that European nation, and reproduced the speeches
delivered by each of them.
  The France-Cuba Friendship Association, about to celebrate the 50th anniversary of
relations with the Cuban Revolution, has branches spread throughout France.
   In June, the head of the Europe department of the Cuban Institute for Friendship with the
Peoples (ICAP), Holmedo Perez, pointed out that there’s a vigorous reaction in the French
solidarity-with-Cuba groups against the persistence of Washington’s blockade of the island
and in favor of the release of the five patriots unfairly incarcerated.


March 16, 2011

persona non-grata South Journal—Social and left-wing movements in Brazil met in Rio de Janeiro today to organize a “big demonstration” against the scheduled visit by US president Barack Obama to that South American country next weekend.

The protest has been planned for next Sunday, when Obama is expected to address the Brazilian people at the Cinelandia plaza, in downtown Rio. The call to the demonstration, which has been posted on the Internet, declares Obama a “persona non-grata” in Brazil, as it argues that among other reasons, the current US administration maintains a war-oriented policy aimed at occupying countries and attacking nations in the name of the fight against terrorism.

“We say that Obama is a persona non-grata in Brazil because, as Latin Americans, we know that the US policy towards Latin America has not changed. We can’t accept that they still maintain a blockade on Cuba and launch provocations against Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia and Ecuador,” reads the message, which also accuses Obama of having backed the coup that overthrew former Honduran president Manuel Zelaya.

The organizations say that the United States has never put down its interest of dominating Latin American countries as it keeps considering the region as its area of influence. They also point out that under the Obama administration, Washington has affirmed its support of the genocide-oriented policy of Israel against the Palestinian people and maintained its military occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.

The call to next Sunday’s demonstration sparked concerns in Brazilian government circles, particularly because among those who signed it is a member of the ruling  Worker’s Party (PT), the current secretary of Political Organization and Popular Movements in Rio de Janeiro, Indalecio Wanderley.

The call was also signed by the “Central Unica de Trabajadores” (Worker’s Unique Confederation) CUT, considered the union wing of the PT, though some leaders with that organization say they have not backed the protest. “The CUT is neither against nor in favor of the visit by Obama. We do not consider him a persona non-grata. The CUT does reject US military interventions that hurt democracy,” said the Communication Secretary with the union organization Rosane Bertotti in statements to O Globo daily.

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