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March 10, 2011
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South Journal—Despite the budgetary crisis currently pressuring the White House, President Barack Obama requested an increase of funds used by its government to keep undertaking anti-Cuba actions in fiscal 2012.

The federal budget project for the period, which begins 1 October 2011, increases by over 4 million dollars the funds allocated last year for such actions; that is, a 34-percent increase, according to official documents.

The funds are being destined to boosting the work of the US Interest Section in Havana and the Cuban Affairs Office which leads the policy towards Cuba from the State Department in Washington, according to the website edited by US professor and journalist Tracery Eaton.

In all, some 11 742 000 dollars would be assigned for the operation of both offices. The funds are quite over the amounts allocated for this year, which reached 8 735 000 dollars.

Out of the total 4 088 000 dollar increase for 2012, the US Interest Section will receive 1 082 000 dollars, while the Cuban Affairs Office in Washington will be granted 3 006 000.

The details of this action are included in the federal budget proposal for 2012, a document submitted by the Obama administration to the US Congress last February 14. It is quite significant that in times of budgetary cuts –even the White House proposed the elimination or reduction of foreign aid funds—an increase of funds to back operations against Cuba has been requested.

Through the years, the Cuban government has repeatedly denounced the role played by the US Interest Section in the implementation of subversive actions against the island. In more than one occasion Havana authorities have declassified documents and have offered evidence to support their accusations.

Some of the anti-Cuba actions have included the coordination, monitoring and financing of subversive organizations, along other hostile activities as it was recently exposed in the documentary film “The Pawns of the Empire.”

The documentary reveals testimonies of two Cuban security agents who infiltrated counterrevolutionary groups and they exposed the links of these groups to the US Interest Section.

Other expenses related to subversive plans against Cuba, which were proposed for inclusion in the Federal Budget are 30,5 million dollars to keep financing Radio and TV Marti; the US administration proposes another 20 million dollars for the so-called programs to promote democracy in Cuba, mainly through the governmental agency USAID with the open objective of encouraging a change of regime on the island.

Since 1996, USAID used at least 140 million dollars in such programs, said journalist Eaton in another article. The information posted on cubamoneyproject explains that the US State Department requests such huge increases of funds related to Cuba, while it only asks for a one-percent growth of its own funs and proposes drastic cuts in other areas.

In all the funds requested by the White House to finance its hostile Cuba policy in 2012 amounts to 62.24 million dollars, including the money for the Interest Section, its headquarters in Washington, the USAID and radio and TV Marti.

We would still have to know about other budgets that might labelled “Secret.”

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