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March 2, 2011

South Journal—Updating our [economic] model is not a task for a day or a year; due to its complexity it will require not less than five years for its full implementation, said Cuban President Raul Castro during a meeting of the Council of Ministers.
In this strategic activity there will be no room for any hurry or improvisation, said the head of state, and noted that the major threat against the Revolution precisely lies on the errors that may occur, Cuban TV reported.
He stressed the need to work without any hurry but with no rest and increase order and discipline in every aspect without disregarding the achievement of a thorough preparation to implement the changes.
All ideas and suggestions that stemmed from the discussion by the people of the Draft Guidelines of the Economic and Social Policy of the Cuban Communist Party and the Revolution will be analyzed, said Raul Castro.
The opinions contributed by the population constitute a formidable tool for the leadership of the Communist Party and the Government, he said.
A total of 7 million Cubans held over 127 000 meetings up to last February 7 to discuss the draft guidelines. The debates contributed nearly 619 400 proposals, suppressions, additions, modifications, doubts and concerns regarding the document. Details of the results of these meetings will be released when the process concludes, the Cuban Television announced.
Addressing the reduction of bulky payrolls in the state sector, Raul said that it is a measure aimed at recovering efficiency and discipline in workers’ collectives under the principles of workers’ suitability for the posts and their best rights.
He warned that such a big task, which affects so many citizens one way or the other, can not be managed under limited terms, while its advancement will depend on the capacity to create organizational and legal conditions to guarantee its successful implementation and the control of its development. This will introduce appropriate corrections timely and rectify deficiencies affecting state enterprises.
Raul reiterated the Cuban state willingness to not abandon any citizen on its own.

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