Cuba Is Extending Its Hand To Others In Need

Posted by Ximena Herrera – Africaonline
A popular expression in Latin America says, “Two hands are better than one”. This phrase clearly represents how with solidarity great results can be achieved. In this case, Cuba has become an icon of solidarity and caring for the poorest. Within years of hard labor, Cuba’s health system has reached a great recognition on a worldwide scale.  Its system is remarkable from others, since it has focused on not only the internal needs of the country but also it has opened itself up externally, reaching an international sector.
With approximately eleven million inhabitants, the island has managed to secure an extensive and viable health care system for it citizens. The accessibility for citizens to reach medical help is really extended. The system basically works by providing village doctors, in each little sector of the Island. Almost all the doctors have their offices beneath their apartment, so this makes it possible to offer their services at any time, with low costs that facilitates recurring visits for the people   since they have a doctor in each neighborhood.
One of the main aspects that the systems highlights is that they are proactive in preventing diseases rather than curing diseases due to the lack of prevention. This technique has allowed such diseases as tuberculosis, malaria and Aids to become rare on the island, since almost every person has been vaccinated, and are conscious in taking care of themselves, and using appropriate precautions. This is all due to a productive healthcare awareness education program. What is really paradoxical is the manner that a developing country is side by side in terms of healthcare compared to the wealthiest developed countries in the world. So here is the question, does it really take a lot of money to acquire resources or limited money with full cooperation and partnership to make exceptional progress?
Considering Cuba is a developing country, it has not deterred it willingness and opportunity to help other nations in need. Nowadays Cuba counts 21 medical schools and Approximately 4000 doctors graduate annually. Due to the fact that education is free in Cuba, it has become a point of interest for many young people around the world who seek an education but didn’t have the financial means to do so.  The medical education program attributes its success to its physician-sharing program.
Doctors learn that medical care is not a luxury or commodity but it is a right.  Cuba has extended its hand to others in many occasions. A good example is when Pakistan suffered an earthquake and Cuba acted immediately providing around 2,300 medical professionals for help. These actions have tightened relations between Cuba and other countries, creating better relations and improving others that had tension before.
The great health system that Cuba utilizes has enabled itself to expand and help internationally, and the desire of others to imitate or follow its example is bigger. The idea of medicine has become associated with basic needs such as poverty and powerlessness, but the sweet taste these professionals have in their mouth once they arrive back home, it’s a feeling of inner satisfaction as knowing they help others. Here, there is a proof that good actions bring great results. And for Cuba, the situation of being a country in need itself hasn’t stop its desire for helping others.

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