The Cuban Five case is in the hands of the American People !

 Elizabeth Palmeiro, wife of Ramon Labañino, said
the case of the five Cuban political prisoners incarcerated in the US for
fighting terrorism, was “in the hands of the American people”
At the end of an activity to celebrate the birthdays of Gerardo Hernandez
and Ramon Labañino, two of the Cuban Five, organized by the Cuban
Friendship Institute (ICAP), Palmeiro gave a short interview to ACN news
agency to update the public on the latest developments of their case:

ACN: Elizabeth, you were recently on a European tour to meet activists in
favor of the release of the Cuban Five . Can you tell us a little about
this tour?
Elizabeth Palmeiro:  Two weeks ago I was at the European Solidarity with
the Five Convention.  It was a very good experience; there were a lot of
friends of the Cuban Revolution and new ones, because I was able to see
young people united in the fight for the release of the Five.
I was also in Turkey and Sofia, Bulgaria.   I met with members of the
Bulgarian Parliament and from the Bulgarian Socialist Party.  In Turkey I
was also able to see members of the parliament and the head of the
Cuba-Turkey Inter-Parliamentary Commission and people from Istanbul and
the Cuba-Turkey Friendship Association.
They carried out lots of activities in solidarity with Cuba and the Cuban
Five.   For me it was very good, because I was able to see many friends
that I had met in other countries and was able to see others that I had
not met in person but had some kind of contact with them, email and even
by phone.  They all agreed in uniting their effects in favor of the Five
during the solidarity conference.

ACN: Is there anything left in the legal aspect of the case?
E.P: All our hopes are in the hands of the millions of people around the
world that are untied in the campaign.
That is why I told them that I need them unite and keep in touch work
together.  What is most important is to mobilize the public opinion in the
United States. They do a lot in their own country, Europe is important,
but we need to focus our actions toward the US government to change its
position and mobilize the public opinion.
Barack Obama has the executive power to sign the release the Five, but he
will never do that on his own conviction, he must be pressured, not only
from abroad but within the United States.
All our friends at the solidarity convention in Europe agreed with that
and they assured me and the relatives of the Five that they will do
everything in their power to mobilize the US public opinion.

ACN: Do you think that the people in the United States will finally know
the truth?
E.P: Some day they will know the truth but it all depends on the media. I
am an optimistic person and I know that they will be aware some day of the
case of the Cuban Five.  I don’t know when, that is why I am asking our
friends to increase their solidarity and their action in favor of the five
anti terrorist fighters.
The case is in the hands of the American people, the release of the Five
is also in the hands of President Obama who can sign their pardon.  For
the public opinion in the US is very important. I know that once they get
into the core of this case, they will support their freedom.
The US is sending young people to fight terrorism abroad in Afghanistan
and Iraq, but they have terrorists in their own soil like Luis Posada
Carriles who is living in Miami, Orlando Bosch is also living in Miami, so
I think that once the American people know the reality, they will support
the cause of the Five and open their eyes to the double standard of their
government in the so call war on terror.  The real reason of this so
called war is economic and not to protect their national security.

ACN:  Have you heard from Ramon recently?
E.P: I had not received any information from Ramon for about a month; he
is now in the “hole” waiting for his transfer.  We expect him to be out in
a few days.  I know he is ok; he called me on May 30th after a long period
without hearing from him.

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