World Health Organization Praises Cuba’s Health Assistance to Haiti

HAVANA, Cuba, May 28 (acn) The representative of the World Health
Organization (WHO) in Haiti, Henriette Chamouillet, praised the assistance
that Cuban health professionals have been providing to the Haitian people
for several years.
   Chamouillet, who is also an envoy of the Pan American Health
Organization (PAHO), said Cuba has excellent cooperation ties with this
regional organization in a common effort to provide free health services
to the most vulnerable groups of the Haitian population, Granma newspaper
   “We are working together in three fields of cooperation. The first
program was implemented over a year ago and it aims at providing free
health care to pregnant women before, during and after labor, and also to
the newborn babies,” the WHO official added.
   She noted that the second area of cooperation with the Cuban medical
brigade in Haiti is a vaccination program that emerged late last year when
an epidemic of diphtheria hit the country although the vaccination
campaign includes other diseases.
   The expert pointed out that Cuba and PAHO are also working to expand
health services and to guarantee better access to these services. She
added that two Cuban specialists have joined her team to work in the areas
of mobile clinics and health-care statistics.

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